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i need help, I have Gamepad --->>>> GRAVIS ELIMINATOR GAMEPAD PRO
its for PC

and need infos how to run fast, do driblings, shoot penalty
Answer to Gamepag problem

well for one this thread is to be used only for console porblems, second we cant really help you with that...i guess you would just have to play around with the keys, ask at the forum.
You cant play multiplayer in career mode, you cant do that for any system or on the PC. You can play online for a single game, you can play multiplayer tournaments.

don macphisto

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Fifa ps2 connection trouble

Im having trouble getting a solid connection when i play fifa 2004. The thing is im playing with a router and it uses the noton firewall.I dont know how to open the UDP ports. Can someone help a fifa addict in need please?


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I bought my PS2 copy in Thailand because here in Taiwan people aren't interested in Footy games. Problem is I don't have an English version of the manual. Is there anyway i can get details of PS2 controls. A copy of the manual would be great if there is a PDF or something. I've searched around and all I can find is PC controls - please help as there is a lot more than FIFA 2003.



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Hi all well i need some help on fifa 2004
my fifa 2004 doesnt save any of the Career mode Or any other thing
only the profile is saved all of that happend when i downloaded the (CC2004) this creation center its the 1st time it happens to me i also didnt install the patch 1.1 just in case u asked me

any body can help ????


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Roster Updates [PS2]

I was wondering if there was some way outside of Career Mode to update rosters and transfer players between teams. The FIFA 2004 game is only current as of the Summer 2003 transfer window and not the Winter 2004 transfer window.

FIFA 2003 let you do this in team management, but the closest thing I found in 04 was "Player Swap," but I don't want to put Louis Saha on Man Utd and have to send Fulham a Man Utd player in return.

I don't have the online capability.


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you can play multiplayer in career mode just move both controllers where it says "home" or "away"


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overhead kicks help

sorry for the double post but, does anyone know how to do overhead kicks in fifa 2004? i know in 2003 u have to press X or square i tried it in 2004 but it didnt work. any help would be appreciated


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FIFA 2004 console help

so will i get my 15 gifts
i accepted them and when i clicked play fifa superstars this maintainance issue came


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I have a problem with the installation of fifa 2004. every time I try to open the setup.exe comes a message from windows security: through the internet security settings were prevented one or more files were opened.

what can I do? need urgent help?


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I don't have an instruction booklet for my xbox game and have managed to work most things out. However, I just bought a goalkeeper on the transfer market and each time I try to alter my starting 11 and put him in it says "only goalkeepers can replace goalkeepers". I am sure I am trying to do just that. Any idea what I need to do?