FIFA 2000 patch for PC


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I'm looking for a Fifa 2000 patch, it's from Peru. I met it when in my childhood they bought it from me on a cd within Fifa 2000 as Peru 2000 and also on another cd like Fifa 2000 Peru, they were installed in different ways and in the first mentioned it was more complete. what happens is that the first one got lost, the main descriptions are that the Peruvian league came in the leagues and to choose Peru Dream Team came if I remember correctly in classic teams Cristal 97 also came in the soundtrack of this game came artists like Pedro Suarez Vertiz, Gianmarco, Eva Ayllon, Mana, Ricky Martin and Backstreet Boys If someone knows the real name of this patch, could you share it with me in the comments and If you want to give me more information about this old patch, I will be grateful preferably in messaging. Good day.