FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

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What do you mean by teaming up? He hasn't done anything himself, do you mean I should start stealing others work and use paylinks? Sorry mate, but I rather stop.

I'm glad to hear that, I'll think about it.

If someone knows and can extract the head.fbx file and texture from FIFA 20 please let me know. It seems Jahfooty disappeared.
I didn't mean it really now, many need your work on this forum FIFA 16 also left those guys who still do things for FIFA and they also steal but no one will miss but the truth is that in season 20-21 FIFA 16 they will simply disappear because they are now doing things for money and ceasing their activities because they are being stolen.

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BTW, Haland Erling was converted from the custom made version by @alex94 who kindly accepted to share his faces with the FIFA 16 community, I just converted it. Thanks man!

If you want other FIFA 20 custom-made faces please send me the models and textures, and the name of the modder too so I can give him credit for his work.

Haland wrong in my game


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I tried 3 times.. but same problem..
Haland wrong in my game

It's working fine for me, I don't know what your problem is.



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Sadly another conversion was stolen, the problem here is that this was an original work by a modder who was kind enough to share it with us who are still playing FIFA16.

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I won't release more conversions in the near future (at least how I was releasing them). Thanks for the support

Sad to hear about this (again). Will you release any faces for RTWC mod by PM?


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fifa 16 is not going to disappear because it is the best game on the market and the most complete at present, for money I don't think, look fifa 20 there you are charged antler for breathing
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