FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16


Senior Squad
That's what I found inside the update 1.0.2
yes, same
tried myself

u can try with this tool , it says it should be possible to merge base game + update :

* if it asks for "titlekey", try (not sure if correct) : 1B10029010493486682DBC539DFCAE42
* i tried multiple options but get a lot of errors...

also try open the fragment file with a hex editor,
on the first line it may give more info about the type of file this is :
tried google, looks like some archive (like zip) maybe
but no idea how to extract it...

fragment file download here :!Eg1zEazR!PxuXU2hVcSNF1Xyb77oDIV73EcMPpjhRoJvljee08Xs