Youth Team
Well, if I could I would buy PES from you. Remember the good old days when you could just buy a game from someone because there was no web connectivity and system ids, etc. :innocent_smile_1:
Anyway, when I say PES, I mean a fully modded PES for licenses. And anyway it's just a personal feeling that, like I said, out of the box, PES plays a better game up front. FIFA out of the box, to me still leans too heavily to "arcade".
Yes, PES is modding friendly and the licensing thing is fixable.
Anyway, what PES is clearly better is generic stadiums by light years and the few real stadiums they have, they really know how to make them, with scanning and high resolution textures, also better than EA.
About the past years, I remember maybe in Fifa 08, 09 there was some site where you could play cracked fifa online...I think before FUT? And the feel of the game is entirely subjective matter.
In fact there is a trend to be seen and I believe will go on the next years, EA is fully licensing European leagues, with Portugal to come and I am sure that France and Italy to follow shortly while Konami is focusing on South America and lately Asia, their main markets. I could live with that if EA is really completing the big European Leagues at least.