FIFA 20 Commentary Languages


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Does someone also have the English UK Commentary to download? I only have the English US commentary with only 1 Commentator Team and without the Sideline Commentary. Thanks in advance.


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i updated the squads to the last update, i started a career and used rdbm to export the default squads (the last i updated). After i opend db master, i inported the table to the 'default squads'.

snaptube vidmate


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Hmm I can't get it to work, I want to play with German text and Japanese commentary.

1: I set Origin to launch the game in Japanese, I tested it, once I launch the game I confirmed the text and commentary is in Japanese

2: I quit the game and open the .exe in HxD, I search for all instances of ja_jp and jpn,jp and replaced them with de_de and ger,de respectively

3: I search for de_de and replace it with ja_jp

4: If I launch the game now my game is completely in German along with the commentary despite Origin still having the game set to Japanese o.o

What am I doing wrong?

PS: I didn't download the Japanese language pack in the first post because Origin did that for me when I first set the game to Japanese right?