FIFA 18 World Cup Faces and Stats In Career Mode


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As you know faces and statistics updates of players from FIFA 18 World Cup are not availiable in FIFA 18 Career Mode.
A perfect example is Asensio from Real Madrid.

This patch merge the standard roster of FIFA 18 (18.06.2018) with FIFA 18 World Cup database (18.06.2018).
The effect: more than 1400 players have stats and unique skills updates, and all the new faces are working in career mode.

After installing this mod you can without problem play FIFA ultimate team, and all other modes without problem (it will only affect Career mode and Quick Match mode)

How to install Mod?

1) Download Frosty Mod Editor and install it:
If you need some help running it:
Video on YouTube

2) Download FIFA 18 World Cup Faces and Stats in Career Mode and unzip it

3) In Frosty Manager choose "Import mod" and choose the .fbmod file you just downloaded from this topic

4) Apply the mod and and run the game by "Launch" button in Frosty Manager

5) Make sure to reset squads to default in game options, and when starting career choose "My current squads".

Thats it :)

I created this mod for myself, I hope it will help someone else too.
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