FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14,16


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Hell yes mate! I was thinking to ask you to do it haha but changed my mind, didn't want to put that work on you again. But this is awesome since there are some faces in this game that are not in FIFA 19! Thank you so much! Can't wait the files!


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sorry if this is off topic but i dont know where to post this request but i would like to get my hands on the legacy files fifa 17 18 and 19 pc namely these 2 files Aiskillmoves.def and aiskillmoves.set in the realai folder in the data folder thanks in advance


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I had some problems with pc. Try to recover stuff. What files did you need. I posted mini faces? What else?

I only need one full face: Sardar Azmoun (213955). But I also need, stadiums, commentary files, TV wipes, ui assets for team logos and stadiums... Everything you can upload! :D
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