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Thank you for your hard work, even if I personally think Fifa is arcadish style, from graphics prepective, to physics with casino card system/ or pokemon cards , aimed at causal players/kids in order to spend money with cards on top of the ridiculous price on the base, nevertheless great job on your part. Thank you.

*[Even most of twitch and youtube videos consist on hype of opening cards/spending additional money.]

By the way Zbigniew Boniek and Grzegorz Lato where great players.
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I am using the FIFA 18 community mod VI in Career Manager Mode.
I am beginning my 3rd season with no issues except 1.
One of my season objectives the youth development is critical.
There is a short and a long term objective.
In the 1st season one of my shorrt term objectives was to sign 2 youth players the same season they were recruited and play then at least 10 games.
I did not meet the objective in the 1st season and therefore failed. I think.
The issue I'm having is that in each subsequent season that objective remains (X) as a failure.
It doesn't seem to reset at the beginning of each new season.

I don't know if it's a bug from the mod or perhaps FIFA 18 or perhaps something I inadvertently caused by when I used your mod Cheat Table.
On occasional I modify the weak foot and work rate after promoting a youth player if needed.
Have any of you ever encountered this issue?

I am wondering since you seem to be very familiar with the database where and if I can see my season objectives using the Cheat Table?
Or do you have any idea where to look and change something to reset that thing.

For example when I sign a player you cannot put them to transfer or loan list in the same season unless you modify their start date to sometime in the previous season.
So I'm looking for something like that may unlock the failed objective or at least reset it to null and let me try to meet the objective in the current season.
Since it is a critical objective which fails automatically it puts pressure on me to meet the other objectives that are working properly.


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Hi guy,i have a question...with this table is possible change the career lenght? I don t want the season limit...i hope you understsnding my english,i m italian
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Hi, no I don´t think that is possible! What you want is more matchdays in Season calender, and imo it´s impossible to add more matchdays than EA´s Default. You have to create additional matchdays, I guess this was not even possible in Fifa 16 with CM 16!
But why you want a longer Season? If you Play a normal league Season the amount of matchdays are between 34 and 46 ( english underclass Leagues ), I guess that´s more than enough plus international matchdays, and national Teams quali. I played often Fifa, but it takes really days or sometimes 2 or 3 weeks to complete one Season, if you go to work or School.
Anyway, may Aranaktu correct me if i am false, but I am Pretty sure that is not possible for additional matchdays.


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[QUOTE = "Sifone-x, post: 6551549, membro: 213929"] Ciao, no, non credo sia possibile! Quello che vuoi è più giorni di calendario nel calendario delle stagioni, e quindi è impossibile aggiungere più giorni di giorni rispetto al valore predefinito di EA. Devi creare altre giornate, suppongo che ciò non fosse nemmeno possibile in Fifa 16 con CM 16!
Ma perché vuoi una stagione più lunga? Se giochi in una stagione di campionato normale, il numero di giorni di gara è compreso tra 34 e 46 (campionati inglesi di sottoclasse), immagino che sia più che sufficiente, più i giorni delle partite internazionali e quali squadre nazionali. Ho giocato spesso alla Fifa, ma ci vogliono davvero giorni o necessari 2 o 3 settimane per completare una stagione, se vai al lavoro o scuola.
Ad ogni modo, Aranaktu può correggermi se sono falso, ma è abbastanza sicuro che non sia possibile per ulteriori giorni. [/ PREVENTIVO]
ciao e grazie per la risposta ... Intendevo dire che non è una carriera che finisce, ma una carriera in cui puoi arrivare forse al 2070 ... Spero di averlo spiegato bene


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Hi guy,i have a question...with this table is possible change the career lenght? I don t want the season limit...i hope you understsnding my english,i m italian
It's possible. You just need to edit 'seasoncount' value in 'career_users' table (keep the value below 15). I don't remember if you can do this with this CT, but should be doable with RDBM.


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[QUOTE = "Aranaktu, post: 6551995, membro: 212639"] È possibile. Devi solo modificare il valore 'seasoncount' nella tabella 'career_users' (mantieni il valore inferiore a 15). Non ricordo se puoi farlo con questo CT, ma dovrebbe essere fattibile con RDBM. [/ QUOTE]
Thank you for the answer can i ask you what is rdbm?