FIFA 16 Soundtrack

Sathya Narayanan

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Hi, for some reasons the tool go beyond the selection of the exe file. After I select the exe file, there's a blank white screen and it doesn't go beyond it. BTW I'm using that fifa 16 dm turks bypass method version


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Hello, i read all the messages and saw the video but I don't know how to add songs into the game. I want to add ten songs, could you help me please?


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@diazjesux Thank you friend! But I ran into the same problem ... The bottom line is that when you select the file "fifa16.exe" the program does not open. Freezes on a white screen. Could there be a problem in the Windows version? I have version 10. Does this program work for you?


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I have the same issue when selecting fifa 15 exe.The screen remains white does anyone have a fix for this


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I've tried to get this to work for a few hours and the current version that's up doesn't reflect either of the tutorials. I link the FIFA 16 .exe and it's ok there. But the + button at the bottom asks to import the song. Sometimes it will go through a few black box pop ups and add an Empty - Empty in one of the tables but the other half will change nothing. There is no indication that the file actually imported. If you click the start/preview button beside it, it will freeze and clicking the cover button will do a quick reset of the app.

I've made sure it's just not giving indication but actually there because I moved the Empty-Empty to the playlist and imported the playlist to FIFA. Regenerating the files on CG File Explorer and saving over with eatrax and songplaylistlinks .txts. It will have the song be the only one in the playlist but nothing will play.

I've followed all steps, redid all mp3s on goldwave, ive uninstalled and reinstalled I don't know what to do. Can anybody familiar with this give a step by step tutorial of the available tool or give a link to one of the ones shown with the tutorials by Rizzaldio?