FIFA 16 crowd rx3 and textures


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In FIFA 16 the crowd model and textures coupling is quite complicated if someone wants to edit them...

I have discovered many things and also prepared a detailed analysis of the rx3 models system and how to get one or another ..(it involves lua files and also crowd dat and so on).. but I have still problems to understand the texture system..

It seems that a single rx3 model has more UVmaps related to different textures files. Opening texture files it seems that only parts of it are shown.. clothes and transparent..but in the texture file there are also head face and body ..In Blender removing the option to show alpha I can see them and it is still not clear from where the system takes the color or decides how to dress single characters..

I open this thread for eveybody to discuss and share info about the model/texture system of FIFA 16


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I still have a lot of male fifa 20 crowd textures on my old PC, if it could be usefull for someone, please let me know.