FIFA 15 Next Season Patch 2021


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For Those People Who Will Say Some Missing Heads Of Some New Youth Players .
Just do one thing for solving this issue .

Go To Your Creation Master And Search That Player and Click on Generic face Box in Face Section and Save And Regenerate , it will solve your headless players problem ..


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Can someone help me?
In european competition, sometimes, the winner of the previous season of (PL, Serie A etc) or winner of UCL or UEL wont be playing in UCL next season
And for uel, it is always TBA for every team in group stage,
none of the teams play in uel
The teams who have never qualified top 4 are there in ucl (like newcastle, Sheffield, Palace etc. goes for other leagues too)
What setting should i change in cm 15?
how to fix this?


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Only FIFA 15 MOD With Working Updated Career Mode DB !
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This Mod Contains : ( 2.7 GB )
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- 100% Working 2021 Career Mode With FIFA 21 Db And Transfers Till Deadline Day.
- Updated Kits 20/21 Bundeliga , Premier League and Serie A , ETC
- Fixed Some Misiing Logos
- Updated 20/21 Minikits
- Added New Shoes 500+ (2020-2021)
- Added New Gloves 150+ (2020-2021)
- Updated Minifaces Of All January Transfers Till Deadline Day ..
- New Ball MiniImAGES
- Fixed DB eRrors ( Missing Team Names , etc ) .
- Fixed MANY Bugs and errors from v1 and v2 ..
- 2021 SEASON Balls From FIFA 21
- New Realistic Gameplay And Ball Mechanics
- 45000+ Minifaces Updated 20/21
- 3750+ Player Faces Update 20/21 (ManU , Everton , etc.)
- New Adboards 20/21 (Top 5 Leagues)
- New Splash And FIFA 21 theme
- New Commentator Audio Of Some Players Names
- New Kits , Minikits 20/21
- 20/21 Jerseyfonts , kitnumbers , overlays etc.
- New Scoreboards
- New Tracksuits
- New Tattoos of many players (2000+)
- Bug Fixes
- Many More.....
- Fixed Psg Player Faces Bug

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Preview Video Will Be Added Soon Untill Then U Can See Some Theme Previews.

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I did all the step by step, but when I am going to regenerate the BH with the CM15, it opens an error window in relation to the "Messages.xml". Do you know how to fix it?


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I was playing career mode with RB Leipzig, after the second season the game crashes, can anybody help


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How can I change the default ball and play with different balls in your each game also the kit doesn't change although I put new 21/22 kits for some team


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How can I change the default ball and play with different balls in your each game also the kit doesn't change although I put new 21/22 kits for some team
Either change or remove the specificballs data in data>sceneassets>ball


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Thanks man , can you also help me with kits I updated some new club released kits , it appears on cm but not on game
Maybe the same problem as with the balls, try to check if there are any specifickits data in your kits or k16 folder
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Is anyone having problem with aboard of English top 6 teams like city United Chelsea arsenal? They turn black and don't show ads and when shown shows older ones for few moments then again black


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im sorry i am not able to understand this properly . do i have to install this mod over a clean FIFA 15 or
a fifa 15 with modding way mods installed ?

thank you