FIFA 15 faces


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Grafsky;3743516 said:
Mark Noble

Plz Update more fifa15 faces ps3 version. I try fixes


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Danielxz;3744177 said:
yeah mate can you please share some of theps3 faces ill try to fix them as well

Dont waste your time.Im an Xbox 360 patch maker.And me and Arianos or only Arianos tried.He moved the head,he even made a converter tool for me.But moving the head also moves the Hands.So once the Head was perfect the hands were totally of with the Wrist.Now all Arianos did was move the head.So the parts are connected.If you guys think you can do better then Arianos go ahead


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I didn't know that head and hairstyles models of Fifa15 didn't work in 15, now my players look that The Incredible Hulk.

Is there any chance to convert?