FIFA 15 Demo Lag


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Fifa 15 demo isnt running properly on my system
My specs:
CPU:Pentium Dual core E5400 overlocked to 3 Ghz
GPU: Gtx 750 1GB

I understand that my cpu is a bit old but i have heard that others with a high power dual core cpu are having the same problem
I have tried limiting my fps to 60 and 30 and also used other software like msi afterburner to manually limit my fps to 40,45 but still the game does not run well.
Game runs smoothly for 5 sec and after that i get a dual sound and game freezes for 1 sec.
I have tried using d3doverrider to force vsync and triple buffering and also created a new profile in nvidia control panel to set quality to high performance.But still i dont get a playable performance.
I have also updated my gpu driver to the latest version
So plz anyone with a solution to this problem comment here.
And are there any other dual core cpu users i would like to know what fps u all guys are getting.....


bangus;3737572 said:
Jesus man, three threads on the same topic? Really?

link me to the 3 threads and i will merge them and then i will hand out infractions to the 2 members with the newest thread created dates.

we aren't going to play this game this year.