FIFA 15 All National Teams Patch 2018 PC

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Thank you very much Fabrizzio1985 for your great work, sorry for my english, could you help me with the links?
Please read "Official Release Post". To get the links You need to have got at least 10 messages here on our forum, but please do not make any spamming. Just take active part in our community here. Then also "LIKE" the "Official Release Post". After those 2 things I sent links automatically each 1 time. Greetings.

Talha Kamran

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Offcial Release Post

Here is the last and final version (17.06.2020) without any bugs or any crashes which have been fixed of ANT Patch 2018 for FIFA 15 on PC. Big thanks for my Friend here and co-author... Ovide who has made all the new tournaments of RTWC for this ANT mod. We have got here full RTWC, road to world cup in Russia 2018 with all real life qualifiers from all 6 zones UEFA, CAF, AFC, CONCACAF, OFC, CONMEBOL. ANT Patch 2018 for FIFA 15 on PC is available for free for every member here, either old member or new member in our community. There is only 1 condition to get download links. Very important, "Like" this post and have got at least 10 messages written here on our forum will be required. So have got at least 10 messages and "Like" this post to get the links. Without exceptions :).

Information about possible problems during unpacking giant mods and giant archives. When in the past I have used even old Power Archiver 2013 which was also very good, it did not make it sometimes. So in many places where are my mods I tell People to use Power Archiver 2018 V18.00.58. Once again I would like to remind this. Power Archiver 2018 V18.00.58... it will unpack such giant archives without any errors or information that files could be damaged. It is the best existing archive software. How to do it? Simply. Put all archive parts in one folder after download, click on 1 archive part and choose unpack so it will unpack complete mod. This new version here of ANT Patch 2018 for FIFA 15 on PC has been tested by me: packed into 7z, uploaded, downloaded, unpacked from 7z. For sure it works for 100%.

Very important. If You want this new version of my ANT Patch 2018 for FIFA 15 on PC then please "LIKE" this post here. In response I will sent links in private message. Please do NOT resent links on Your own. I do not agree for that. My mod is available 100% for free... made couse of passion to national teams football. If somebody will resent links I will stop sharing mod and delete the links. Thanks for understanding and respecting my work in national teams subject. Goodbye :).
Can you send me download link for fifa 15 ant patch?
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