FIFA 15 3D Model Importer/Exporter

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The link
Hey everyone

i am creating this (new) topic in order to present the new version of the tool :D

For more information check the website

For now i've fixed:

  • New bone index size affecting nearly all models
  • Added support for the new normal map compression
  • Updated the layout

--FIFA 15 Releases--

FIFA 15 3D IE v0.65a

  • Full Model/Texture Import Support for FIFA 14/15 (Experimental FIFA 13 Stadium support)
  • Brand new Face Editing Mode for easier facemaking
  • Maintained the General Overwriting mode for simple model editing
  • Export Support for trophy and ball models
  • Requires Blender 2.71
  • Stadium exporting functions DO NOT WORK for now.


FIFA 15 3D IE v0.66.1

  • Fully Working Stadium Exporting Functions
  • Brand new paint modes for full EA model emulation
  • Updated FIFA15 Stadium Materials/Props/Groups


*This post will be updated again with more information :D
The download link is dead , can anyone resent ? His website only have Fifa 14 3D IE