FIFA 14 Models by FIFA Brothers Workshop

Al Pacino PT

Starting XI
This pack contains the models for the FIFA 14 Kits, GK Gloves, Arms, Hands, Under Shirt, Under Shorts, Under Neck, 77 Boots Models and 55 Balls Models.

This is destined to kit maker, boot maker, tattoo makers and ball makers, it is not meant to be imported in to the game.

And follow instructions on readme for correct use.

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Copyright FIFA Brothers Workshop 2013​


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The Super-Swede
Where? Theres no link on the download text, and when i click on the broken image or the website URL i just get "Sorry, access forbidden, error 403".


Senior Squad
You could include in the "readme" or in the description with what software we can use your file. It's a shame you made it only for Rhino, most of us use 3DS Max or Blender. I use both of this, and i can't use this file...