FIFA 13 To 14 Head Converter


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Halilyc;3566838 said:
I converted faces thanks to this tool , this tool working great thnx bro but just ı have a problem. I can use my head-hair-hairlod-eye files but I cant use face texture. When I use your sample texture file it working but when ı use my texture file Fifa 14 kicking me from game. How can I import my face texture ? I used CM14 Beta too but I said Fifa 14 give me eror in game for texture.
Put the face rx3 texture manually in the face folder


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i need help. when i try to open the tool it says "component "COMDLG32.OCX" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.
what can i do?


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CoolerMaster;3566871 said:
Put the face rx3 texture manually in the face folder
I did do like that but same problem. I dont have a problem with import, just texture file is not working. Sample texture file is working but my texture file is not working


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can someone convert to me 2 faces? oscar and ronaldo, there are 2 png in there for face and eye texture what i should do with them?


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GFBPA;3570133 said:
I'm also experiencing this problem ... and not the bump-file. I put the bump-file and the problem continued
+1 I put the bump-file and the problem continued too :swear2:


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head_1(ID player)_bump.rx3??
Are you sure? File should be named head_xxxxxx_bump.rx3 ("xxxxxx" = playerid)
Examply for Pepe should be head_120533_bump.rx3. I had a similar problem because I typed the wrong file name head_120533_0_bump.rx3


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yes, I typed that wrong ... my files on it are exactly like (head_120533_bump.rx3). I do not know because they are still with black ears ...