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apollox;3348501 said:
Then try to install the following update, maybe you have one of the version were some more files missing, then in the most other versions

I was trying to play fifa with those files and moddingway patch. First i install moddingway patch and after this the patch that you give me and at last the commentary files but dosnt work. Maybe i have to install 1st the patches for commentary and after those the moddingway? Thanks


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I try a new method. After a clean fifa13 installation, i install that patch files(i regenerate that because the installation recommands me) and after that the commentary in italian language. First dosnt work because i see in the field a blue target OMG. Second method, install a fresh and clean fifa 13 installation, then the patch files and regenerate after this i install italian language and again regenerate. The same thing hapens, i see a blue target into my field. I think ill stop here searching what i have done wrong, or maybe any of those files are corrupt... Damn


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French commentary broadcast names

I really need the assistance of anyone that able to help me with this : In mexican commentary they broadcast the names of all brazilian player (Ganso, Neymar, Lucas...) but in french commentary they don't.
Can anyone give me a database or a french commentary file to adress this issue.


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C.Mihai;3348470 said:
Ok i download the italian commentary but the same thing happened after installing and regenerate it. My game crashes. Why?

this also happened to me but i figured out that my game is multi 4 (2 eng - 1 french- 1 Spanish ) not multi 17 to support other commentaries >>>>

so i downloaded this thanks to fidel and made my game multi 17 and enjoyed other commentaries(Y)(Y)(Y)


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I've managed to get the korean commentary from FIFA ONLINE 3, but I think it's scripted under the FIFA 11 format...


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Can anyone please reupload those commentaries
Spanish Mexican Commentary
english alternative