FIFA 13 Goal Net Shape and Physics Help


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Hi guys, my dream has always been to find a way to edit the shape of the goal net, not the net in itself, but the entire form.

For example, like this:

Or maybe like this :

If it is imposible to do that, i was wondering if there is a way to make goal nets "loose" when I increase the goal depth more than 229....because as you know, when you put a goal depth more than 229 it becomes that's a shame

If you have any info about this things please share it, and in detail, so I can do the editing properly !


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You can change the net depth to 150 and it will be loose still but other then that and the original depth it will be tight.


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Goalnet frame

Sorry, what is the goal frame??? I wann try ti edit in 3d editor like blender... :-O

Anybody has been change the cage (shape) of goalnet?