FIFA 13 First Official Update


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EA - ORIGIN said:
Few hours ago we published on Origin an official update of FIFA 13, size of which is 200 / 600 Mb. This update should also fix issue with commentators so we recommend first to check update in Origin and then download the above-listed patch.
.. check on your ORIGIN account and update the game.


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Some other news:

EA Games said:
UPDATE 9.27.12: Our team will be rolling out an update that will be repairing known issues with FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition today at 4pm PDT. This will be happening at the same time as the UK launch of FIFA 13, and some players in the UK may experience a slight delay downloading and accessing the game.

If you have previously redeemed your retail pre-order for FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition, are unable to download or play, and the game is released in your region, please reload your game, or exit, and re-start Origin.

For those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition from Origin and are currently unable to pre-load, please restart Origin, or reload your games. After that, FIFA 13 will be ready to download.

Please note that while some users may see FIFA 13 Standard Edition show up in in their My Games library, launching the game will deliver the complete Ultimate Edition experience, and all FIFA Ultimate Edition players will still receive all of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition content. Our team is aware of an issue with FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition for the PC that is causing issues for some players. Some users are not able to see FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition in their “My Games” library in Origin, while some others see the game in their library but can’t yet play.

If you have ordered FIFA Ultimate Edition and are unable to see or play your purchased title in Origin, we will be adding a copy of FIFA 13 Standard Edition to your game library. Please note that you will still receive all of your FIFA Ultimate Edition content with the delivery of weekly Gold Packs beginning on October 5th.

While you will see FIFA 13 Standard Edition in the "My Games" section in Origin, launching your game will still allow you the complete Ultimate Edition experience.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for being an EA player.


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I just bought the game and am downloading it on Origin as I type this. Will I need to download the update separately or will it be downloaded with the game?