FIFA 13 - First Details


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regularcat;3231099 said:
this is great, some early FAIL 13 features for us to get all hyped up about.but in the end you will buy bugs for full price.
for such a bad game you play and talk about a lot :P :bob:


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Waldo1639;3274010 said:
White Hart Lane in FIFA 13.

Stamford Bridge
Old Trafford
St. James Park
8 English Stadiums! (H)

I'm crossing my fingers for Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. It will be hosting the Team GB Olympic team, in addition to Old Trafford and Wembley. St. James Park is also hosting games for the tournament


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Career Mode news

Compete for club and country in an expanded Career Mode that now includes internationals.

Play for or manage your favorite national team, competing in friendlies, qualifiers and major international tournaments. Play as manager and secure an offer to coach any national team, with bigger decisions and more pressure. Compete as a player and prove yourself at the club level to attract national team attention and the call to play for your country.

At the club level, new Transfer logic adds a multitude of new factors that shape a player’s true market value. Form, performance, and morale influence a player’s base value to begin negotiations that now include counter offers, player and cash transactions, and squad roles. Player loans, Board interactions and mid-season manager firings add to the drama. Plus, unlock new features like Edit Player or Rematch in the EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue.



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training field, looks great:

Career Mode:
finally, international management:


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From FIFA 12 Wishlist
rajka007;3052700 said:
a better training mode, with the options to practice dribbling,shielding,tackling..etc. separately:sKIp_E:
Waldo1639;3052708 said:
Oh, yea, that would be nice. Something like dribbling throughout cones, freekciks where you must hit marked areas and stuff like that... But EA will probably not listen to us... :md:
Look, EA listened (yea, right :/ ). They are 1 year late though, but at least they implemented training challenges. Most will probably say "meh" on that, but I think those challenges could be very fun.


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I hope this year's fifa would be much more moddable than last year's. Career mode looks quite promising, but I hope you could also have the choice to hire staffs at different levels like FIFA manager. : /


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You guys say this every year ? It's just fifa 12 with some improvements in the career mode and some gameplay tweakings..