FIFA 13 Faces by du_oro10


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PaulFCB;3415205 said:
Hey guys, I have a "little" problem while trying to follow this video tutorial:

Everything worked out perfectly, but when I try to import my converted head.rx3 file into the game, it looks like this:

Does anyone know what I might have done wrong :S ?

You have the wrong Modell, download the 12/13 modelset


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Good day sirs, using Du_oro10's method I myself have tried making faces but I have a problem because I am not very good at editing specifically with skin and hair. I hope someone can help me with this. I will post photos here is that alright?


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du_oro10 i tried to make modelset with facegen customizer for FIFA 11 model...

Do you have any tutorial for facegen customizer?

If you have the versions for FIFA 11/12 1.1 or 1.2&1.2.1 please reupload them..

Thanx in advance...


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Hi "Compa", can you make the face of "Jonathan Dos Santos" ¿please?.. and some from da "Liga MX" please.


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Hi do_oro10! i really like your tutorial to make a fifa with facegen modeller and 3ds max, i had tried and successfully. But i don't like generic hair in FiFA. I really like Marco Reus's hair so i converted 3d model of Reus to CFF file and used as Working_face.cff file of you. I will use the surface of my model (using facegen) and the hair and head of reus's face. When i use morpher, i have problem...

and start morpher

and complete.



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There is someone still alive in this forum that keeps those files incredibly lost from the network, there is no way to recover them, if anyone can send them to me, it is for a personal project.