FIFA 12 Texture Editor 0.5 (64 bit)


Youth Team

"FIFA 12 Texture Editor 0.5 (64 bit)" I do not work.

I have Windows 7 64-bit.

I downloaded FIFA 12 Texture Editor (64 bit), SlimDX Runtime. NET 4.0 x64 (January 2012) and SlimDX SDK (January 2012).

I installed everything when I click on the link I open the program.

What should I do to get it open?

Give me advice!

Thank you!


Youth Team
I have 32 bits edition..
but dont open .. (sorry for bad english) :S ..all necesary programs are installed.
any solution? I need texture editor for gray hairs of fifa 12 faces


Club Supporter
You must have installed .NET Framework 4.0 (download from microsoft website) and SlimDX 4.0 (download here).
It's March '2011 version of SlimDX, because with the latest (Jan '2012) TexEditor doesn't work.
Try to install these and reboot.


Reserve Team
i install slimdx and framework 4.0 and still don't work , i try ->run as administrator and still can't open program, i'm using windows 7 - 64 bit

edit: with framework 4.5 program started, but only rx3 files , when i try to open .big i get this error- any solutions?