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Bigger resolution for screenshot:



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Another re-render heh ;).

Similar stuff to last year. Nothing new ;).

I didn't see such phenomenal graphics my end with everything maxed out. Stupid EA :P

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arifutama1996;3054656 said:
like the old one, for me no problem :D
but i really hope for turf, cinematics and manager mode will be great this year :bob:
They have done a good job on cinematics I think and for manager mode, let's wait for announcements :D


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Is there any news about manager mode and body fifa 11 all players with similar kit style had same body models.we should be able to define individual body models


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FIFA 12 PC Console

alreet membership cos i forgot me other account name ive created an online fifa10 clubtoon xbox360 and i am regestering in a very active online club have to be active and have your own pro........get back and i will give u an invite.cheers
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