Fifa 12 crashes

Jethro Villa

Youth Team
hey guys, so today i have put some new faces through cm 12, and also added a new player. before i did that, everything was working fine, but when i finished doing the faces and the player, my fifa 12 crashes when i start fifa, and when i try to open cm 12, i get an error? how can i fix this?

David Marcel

Club Supporter
crashes happen after 10 to 15 games

Hi! My FIFA 12 crashes when I shoot a goal and the blue insert for choosing the way of exultation appears or when the game will be simulated. After 10 to 15 games it will appear.
I thought I bought a bad copy of the game in a well known store but after reading all the threads regarding crashes I think the game was not tested in detail before it was released.

best regards