FIFA 11 Winter Updated Rosters (Official EA Sports)


Youth Team
Im Downloaded The Official Updated Squads File (From EA Servers) And Export The Tables With Internal Master, After Import In The Original DataBase (Patch 1.01).

  • Updated Rosters
  • Updated Kits Number
  • Updated Formations
  • Updated Skills
  • Added New Players


Paste Files In This Folder C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game\data\db If Not Exist You Can Create, And After Run FIFA 11 i68 Regenerator 1.5 With The Option "Take Care Of Edited Files Stored Directly In Folders" Click On "GO" Button And Wait The Process Finishing.

Note: If You Have A Previous Edited DB Make A Backup
Note 2: If You Have A Previous Edited DB Only Replace, Dont Needed Run Regenerator.

After You Copy My DB Files, Remove SQUADS Files Localized In My Documens > FIFA 11.

Enjoy It!

You Can Post In Other Sites, Giving The Respective Credits. :)


diego_la12;2991137 said:
thank you so much :D

you are great :D

now regularcat can edit the db and make the best game ever

i dont need what kaiba did, i did it myself already & its incorporated into my db already.