FIFA 11 new File structure - Analysis, experiments and discussions thread


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First of all, i want to thank you for your amazing works.

I am trying to make fifa commentator. In fifa 11 demo I try to open dt05.big and try to listen the speechs.But i could'nt. I remember the previous series...i think they were deferent from this fifa 11 demo...

What must i do for listening, editing and adding new commentary sounds?

I also opened the data05.big with fifafs.exe, and there is a file like "" in it.This is the commentator sounds i think. But i don't know what am i going to do next with .sbs file..

I am waiting for your advices....thanks again..


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I already know how to pick up all zlib files from rx3 file and unzlib its, but I still don't know how to convert these unzlib file to dds format, then convert to picture format as png, bmp or jpg...

Is there anybody can tell me? Thanks~


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Nice see this!!!

I would like to see textures from stadiums... by the way and what about models? Stadiums, balls, faces.Anybody knows what kind of files are them?


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bassio;2934421 said:
you only need to fix the registry values, no need to install FIFA10 ;)

Dare to explain how exactly to do so? I didn't really find any significant hints towards FIFA 10 being needed within the registry values...


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GUIMATTOSS;2937184 said:
Nice see this!!!

I would like to see textures from stadiums... by the way and what about models? Stadiums, balls, faces.Anybody knows what kind of files are them?
X2, any one allready seen some? I hope it wont be to hard to edit face models etc. Great job guys on the progress (Y)


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I am looking for a tool for open commentator file. In demo commentator sounds are in this file. If some one can help about it, i'll be glad.


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Hi all,

Updated fifafs released:
Unfortunately I'm pretty short in free time, so changes to fifafs were really small:

1. '-makebh' to regenerate .bh file. This command will regenerate
fifafs -makebh data1.big

2. '-delfrombh' to erase file record from .bh file (perhaps somebody will need this :)). This example will delete all *.ini files records from (data0.big is not modified!):
fifafs -delfrombh data0.big *.ini
After erasing file from .bh, FIFA will start looking for it outside of .big file (like in previous versions of FIFA, after removing record from fifa.fat)
After rebuilding .bh, FIFA will see file again.

3. '-create_paths' option working with '-depackbig'. This one is useful to re-create same file structure as used inside .big file. When you unpack .big file using this option, record like "data/ui/game/screens/bootflow/01_legal.big" will be unpacked as file 01_legal.big in folder "data\ui\game\screens\bootflow" (all subfolders automatically created).
This command will unpack all files from all bigs in FIFA 11 Demo and decompress files if possible:
for /L %a in (0,1,7) do fifafs.exe -depackbig $dir_fifa11demo$\Game\data%a.big $dir_fifa11demo$\Game\ -create_paths -decompress
After running that you can completely remove and dataX.big files.
Previous versions of FIFA worked somewhat like that that too, but were not too stable reading files from outside zdata.big's.
FIFA 11 seems to be much-much stable.
I think depacking all files is a good start for anyone who wants to explore new FIFA files - all files will be right at your hand viewable and editable without hassle with dataX.big's. Files are now pretty well organized into folders, so you won't get thousands of files into FIFA root folder.
Also it would be great if somebody measures FIFA performance (FPS, loading time?) before and after unpacking .big files. Because everybody here saying that reading outside of .big's will slow down FIFA, but that is only thoughts, we have no any solid info about that.

4. '-decompress' works with 'chunkzip' compression, which is used for most of .rx3 files.
However in some cases it crashes :-). Will fix that asap.

Rinaldo, sure we'll share hashing algo, please send your contacts!

Please report any problems you have with fifafs.

Thanks everyone.