Fifa 09 xbox 360 download link


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Hi guys,
Does some of you still have fifa 09 xbox version? and could upload it for me and others?
I was looking for this game on the internet and nothing...


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i checked:
inside j0_00001.big,
the file with the biggest size is your texture: "2"
file "2" is an rx2 file !

1. extract "2" (with filemaster)
2. name it 2.rx2
3. use my fifa converter tool:
export the png/dds from the rx2 file
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From what I am seeing, the work appears to be assiduous because every file needs to be exported and renamed. Thank you for your support !
I am not 100% sure,
But a console tool for extracting .big may exist :
U can create a .bat file then to batch export files from a big