FIFA 08 Tips, Hints, Strategies

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Hello Guys,

I've created some FIFA articles that I believe can help your game. Please check them out and leave feedback. At, we're trying to determine exactly what type of tips you guys are looking for - and we're going to break down the game to bring you the best FIFA coverage
(click the links below):

How to Stop Penalty Kicks

How to Utilize the Blanco Hop
How to Score on Free Kicks
How to Utilize the Rainbow Kick
Can any team compete with Barcelona?

Here's what I'm looking for in regards to feedback -

Do you like the presentation of the tips?
What other strategies would you like to see?
Are these strategies too easy, too hard, or just right?

Thanks guys,


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OK, but does anyone know how to score a goal from free kick when the goalkeeper is set to world class?


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i dont like the way you have to stop penltys, its basicaly exploiting a glitch and not trying to play the game

- another note, with the free kicks you didnt even speak of curve, its the best way to score free kicks iv found, from what iv seen so far you sort of explain how to expose weaknesses in the game rather than trying to play nice football, but the images and video are a nice touch, maybe if the vid was larger too would help

also how did you take such high quality video and still images? and if you could make some tips on how to use other skills, ones that you can use when running at full tilt like the ronaldo chop


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Hey can you cook up a guide for the best way or ways to beat the cpu defender in one on one situations?

The cpu manages to nick the ball off my players foot effortlessly every time.

Skill moves to employ or speed burst or anything, anything that can win me a one on one here and there during the match.

Not talking about one on one's anywhere on the pitch, just vs. the last line of defense.


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i'd love to see a guide from you or anyone that walks through the management mode and especially about managing the money side of things. i'm ripping through the league but my money is dwindling and i see dark days ahead. as a recent convert from ProEvo i just don't know the ins and outs of the fifa system.


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As stated 2 posts above, I would love a guide on how to take defenders 1v1

And don't listen some people, in your guides, you state when they are exploits, so if they don't like them, to bad.