FIFA 08 - Manager Mode - League table cannot view


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Well what happens mate??? its simple really load your manager mode and then goto statistics and its all there man??


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No, its simple. Did you use CREATION MASTER OR ANY OTHER 3rd party trash editing tools? IT RUINS YOUR EXISTING CAREER, FINITO. end of story, thats whats crashing it all. haha!


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lowmario;2549581 said:
I can't view the league table in manager mode. How to solve this problem? Please help

I know the solution mate. What you need to do is if say it's the Russian Premier League you want, go to Russia under countries (on the far left) and you'll see a box at the bottom for a map and 2 longer boxes on the right. You need to put something in those boxes as these are the background for the top of the league table. I hope you understand what i mean. If you don't i can get some screenshots if you want.


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i ve got excatly the same problem my patch of ireland so please could you post screens because i dont get what you mean sorry for the inconvience


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No problem, here you go.

In this 1st shot i clicked on country (circled in red, top left) and i've circled the 2 boxes i referred to. Just fill these boxes with anything, even if its just a blank white strip and it'll work fine. Both boxes measure 512 x 128

This 2nd shot shows the texture in the 2nd of the 2 boxes in cm08 is the background in the bar at the top of the league table, and also shows the league table is now working fine.

drac234cpfc- I'm guessing the Irish patch is for Northern Ireland because if it is the Republic of Ireland, the textures are already present. If this is the case, my advice is to create some new textures, but if you're not that good at making things just export the Republic textures and import them to Northern Ireland as a temporary measure.

I hope all of this helps, I've certainly found this useful since I worked it out as you can look at league tables for your created leagues now.


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Seeing as there's a topic on this i might as well ask, do you guys have empty boxes (the 2 i circled in red on the picture) when you try to view Holland under countries?


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Thanks AsmodaiPlay. It worked :) Holland works just fine now here :) Many thanks!!! And yes Holland is empty, don't know why.


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Does it matter or affect if I install the EA Oficial patches and then I create a league, do all the stuff you tell us to do and then try to use our new league?


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I would have thought that if you're editing with cm08 the EA official patches won't work anyway. But I haven't actually tried so if you back up your files and try it might work, but i doubt it.


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Hei, I'm also facing the same problem.Can you show the two pictures again? the pictures have been deleted. Regards