FIFA 08 Install Problem


Youth Team
I'm having a problem installing FIFA 08, It gets about 1/3 through before it comes up with this message:-
"Error Reading From file D:\Program Files\FIFA 08\data\audio\ENG0821.asf. Verify that file exists and that you can access it." Then retry or cancel.
The File IS there and i CAN access it. What is wrong???

(P.S. "D" is my partition drive, I have done it on "C" and it is still the same.)


Youth Team
Well, I've installed the game twice before with no problem, thisis the first time it has happened, and yeah, it's still doing it

Stevi G

Senior Squad
try to reinstall the game after a while like 15-20 mins later. This will help.
If it doesnt than i suggest u try installing the game with the image (iso or mdf or watever)
This helped for me