FIFA 07 2021 Patch February Update + Installation Tutorial


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It's possible to auto-convert and auto-import player calls, but it's a complex process.
For other commentaries, each audio file must be imported manually with Sound Master.
However, I made my tests only on FIFA 10. I don't know if FIFA 07 audio files are completely same format with FIFA 10, but I guess so.
Do you have a tutorial for exhibiting how to use the software called sound master? I am looking to convert fifa 22 player calls from the nintendo switch into fifa 11 ?


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If you search this title on youtube you will find the patch with the video installation tutorial. I don't think I'm allowed to share youtube links in here. Anyway..

I wanted to share this FIFA 07 patch with others who want to play FIFA 07 with footballers from present.


- over 30 updated leagues (almost all the players have minifaces and the best young and "old" players have faces in game)

- 137 updated national teams (some smaller national teams need to be re-updated)

- I fixed the bugs that were in Manager Mode before. Now Manager Mode works as it should, flawlessly, for 15 seasons!

- now you can play up to 6 friendly matches in manager mode at the beginning of the season with one of 128 top teams from Europe. In the next (february) update I will add friendly matches to 32 teams from Americas and 32 teams from Asia.

- there are continental competitions for Americas, Europe and Asia.

- background pictures from FIFA 21, FIFA 21 soundtrack, 21 important managers from present, I changed the original FIFA 07 formations with my favorite 20 formations from FIFA 21.

- I added some new leagues but more new/updated leagues (over 5) will be added to the patch this month.

- I will add about 7 new languages to the patch in the next update. Just to make it clear, I update and reupload the patch at the beginning of each month.

- I made a lot of transfers but I didn't succeed to fully update all the teams yet.
- I edited the top players (I changed the mini-faces, the faces of some, the attributes / OVR (similar or exactly like in FIFA 21), the accurate position, the dominant leg, the weak foot (from FIFA 21), the potential and retiring age in manager mode, and I added faces to the top players who didn't have a face before).
- I also changed the prestige, the OVR and the chemistry of each club team in the game. Now it is unlikely to see mediocre teams from mediocre leagues like Eredivisie in the Champions League final.

Installation: Step 1: Install properly (with daemon tools) the FIFA 07 PC game on your computer.

Step 2: Go to the folder where your FIFA 07 game has been installed and delete the original folder 'data'.

Step 3: Move or copy this patch in the same folder where your FIFA 07 game has been installed and then extract it there with winrar. Now fifa07-bigfat is your new crack. Lastly make sure you don't have FIFA 07 saves in This PC -> Documents.

Done! Enjoy it!

Download link:​

I know I'm a little late... but any one still has this file to be shared ?

the link is down :(


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Hello. on your channel (FIFA07PRO) there was a video tutorial on how to make a video intro in FIFA07. Could you upload it again?


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There's a new FIFA 07 Patch he's working on since almost a year ago.
It's called FIFA 07 Next Season Patch 2022.



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Hello. Can you help with fifa 07? How to change background in 47_legal.big file? What programs are needed and what should be the file format?