!!FHL-Scoreboard-Tool (new FIFA 12 version!)!!


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Mate i have good news about Extra Time...it works when i change position :-)
Now i will test what will happend with ET when i change the position of team colors,i hope everything will be fine...i'll report to you


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Bernd i found a problem :-(
When i change the position of team colors my Extra time don't show...
That's the problem and i still have a problem with add new fonts from my HDD,when i add new fonts Tool show me THE NEW FONT HAS BEEN ADDED...so tool accept new fonta but in the game don't show that font :-(


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Cesc Fabregas;3204368 said:
Now just Extra Time dds left and it would be fantastic, great work for now :)

Hope somebody can provide the offsets for a future Popup Tool aswell.

I'm working on that as well. But I need time and patience


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I don't know where is the bug but now my ET are showing on EPL
Very strange...
Anyway guys the tool is amazing...and thanks because you add new fonts...

Guys i'll add a new fonts and now everything works perfect
Congrat to you for your fantastic works


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Bernd;3204560 said:
I think your registry-entries are wrong.

In the entry "Install dir" has to be a / at the end.

Hi, I also have the cannot save issue, I have it so I cant load correctly and get errors, cant make new big or save.

My game folder is on I:\Program Files\Origin Games\FIFA 12 drive, so I originally wanted to post "is there something im missing?" although as the poster you replied to gets the same as me, what registry entries are you referring too? This util doesn't "install" so I dont see what entries it would have? The game reg entries for me are fine, other utils pick up the path fine?

So, what am I missing for me not to be able to load/create or save a big file with out that error? Anyone?

EDIT: I get this error (as posted further back on this thread) on save/load or create big file:


XP SP3 fully updated with java & framework patches (if thats any help). Do I need to place the exe in a specific location or something?

If I am missing anything obvious, im just getting to grips with most of tools & fifa12, not a complete noob to editing and modding, but I am to this particular game.

The Danish

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The Danish;3203321 said:
Looks real exciting with the possibility to add new fonts! :)

I (still) have a big problem though:
I have made a new scoreboard that is located in the
'Fifa 12\Game\data\ui\game\overlays' folder, but it doesn't show up in game.

The overlay_2002.big should come up in friendly matches with two Danish teams, right?

I have reinstalled FIFA and done nothing else than starting the program imported my SB-texture, saved it and started the game. What do I do wrong?

Hope some one can help me :)

Found the solution to my own problem :) The ID for the Danish teams are wrong!

Thanks to Scouser09 for providing the right ones :D:

"You need to use the correct ID(s). Make a copy for every ID if you want to use with every team.

2 - Rep. Korea, USA
2002 - England, Rep. Ireland, Scotland
3002 - France, Netherlands, Norway, Russia
4002 - Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark
5002 - Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, Australia
6002 - Spain, Belgium
7002 - Brazil"

btw.. I think I remember something about that the resolution I use (1920x1080) is not optimal for making adboards?
I think you (Bernd) mentioned something about 1152x864 being the best one?

The Danish

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Bernd;3205793 said:
No, I didn't tell anything about the resolution.

Ok :) that was for FIFA11 :) so there should be no problem if I do my scoreboard using my (1920x1080 (16:9-format)) resolution and make avaiable for others to download? :)


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Bernd please help me...i have big problem with scoreboards with team color boxes...when i move team color boxes then my extra time don't show, i don't have idea how to fix that...i'll try everything...
Please if you have some idea share with me...


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Bernd;3210818 said:
I don't know where the problem is. In our MyFHL-Scoreboards it works fine.
We changed position and size of the teamcolor-boxes and the position, color and size of the extra-time. And the extra-time is shown.
Here you can download the big-file:

Mate i found problem...Problem with ET and team colors is when i want to move scoreboard on left (etc on the edge of the screen) than i move team color bar left and than my Extra time don't show :-(
Maybe is that just on my 1280x1024 resolution
Can you make different position for HD resolution (wide) and for 1280x1024?


Youth Team
You haven't to move them, if you want to move the hole sb to the left site. Use the option "Entire Scoreboard".

In the big-file below, I moved the teamcolor-boxes and the extra time, and it works.


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Bernd;3210860 said:
You haven't to move them, if you want to move the hole sb to the left site. Use the option "Entire Scoreboard".

In the big-file below, I moved the teamcolor-boxes and the extra time, and it works.

Ok i will try that way and report to you


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Well mate i'll move my scoreboard on X entire scoreboard but nothing's happening
Sb stay on the same position...
SB do not move on the tool and do not move on screen in the game too...
Well i think ENTIRE SCOREBOARD option don't work at all

Look where is my sb and when i move sb with entire scoreboard option nothing change...sb don't move on the left side...

Do you have some solution?