FEd2002 survey: What feature would you like to see in the next version


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I would like to implement all of these features in FEd2002 but there is time constraint so tell me which of these you would like to see most and I'll try to add one (or more) to next release.



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hehehe, anyways, can you also fix some things?
like where can I put the number of a player?
or how can we choose the captain of a team?


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Go to team strategy screen, right click on a player's name and select number or assign captaincy, kickers etc...


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Chau, I have two problems adding faces to players:

1- I add a specific face to a player, but the in the game the player continues to have the same generic face.

2-I add the specific face, but in the game it only appears the headshape and the player´s texture is in white:confused:

This happens sometimes and with some players, help me please.



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i would like to see the option where i can make new players and teams. plus when you say "search engine" do you mean the feature where you type a players name and then it finds it for you?? or are you talking about some actual Search engine that has been implemented into icq?? i hooooooopeee that it is the find a player search.

all stuff that you mentioned would be great, but making new players and teams is the first thing you should add.

i tried to use that FCDB XP program to make my new players and then put them in the starting lineup with FED. if the fcdb wasnt so buggy, that would of been an awesome combo.


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I would like that Fed would read the changes that I have made in my Fifa 2002 before I got Fed, you know like the tranfers I made, the players I create, this is becouse I spend like 3 months trying to update all the game (tranfering players, creating missing players, updating formations and lineups) and now I install Fed and is like I didn't anything... I think that Fed 2000 had this option, I think is Importing (or export) the database...
I also would like to add players in the national teams...

Thanks Chau, your editor is great


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I'd love to see where u can view created teams, as well as being able to create and edit them.

good luck.


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There are 2 features I would like to see in the next version.
1 creating new teams and players
2 importing/exporting TEA-files, the reason why I want this future is simple I play at 2 different locations and I want to have the same teams, with importing/exporting that would be a lot easier, plus importing/exporting brings the ability to easily exchanging teams over the internet.

question can we already clone a player in this version? Thanks for Fed it's great!


Originally posted by chau
Go to team strategy screen, right click on a player's name and select number or assign captaincy, kickers etc...

I reckon that the number assigning should also be done in the player properties screen as well, as it can be confusing for first-time users as to where they'd change the numbers.

Anyway I've got some suggestions, in order of preference...
>Add new players and teams, which is an absolute must have;

>Transfer teams;

>Clearer transfer section - clicking on transfer takes user to a new screen layed out like the transfer tab contents from FEd2001;

>Import FEd2001 TEA/LEA files - does this mean we could import TEA/LEA's made in FEd2001 into FEd2002?


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work with custom teams and players

transfer teams between leagues so you can play with teams like panthanikos in friendlies


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I want to create new teams, but I also want to choose the number of this team.
There are some files on net with a list of all teams in the game and its number.
We could use numbers that are not assigned to any team to create new teams.
So I could create São Paulo FC using 1052 and SE Palmeiras using 0383 (two of the most important teams in Brazil). This were its numbers in FIFA 2001 and there are their badges in FIFA 2002, but not teams.


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I think that the ability to import FEd2001 files into the game would be the best for the next version. for the sole reason that once we have this, it doesnt really matter how long it takes to get the rest sorted and in place, coz we can make the rosters in fifa2001 and just import them into 2002. :D
It would be a lot easier for chau to put this option in for now, and then for us all to use the method above, whilst chau then works on a full version with other options included!


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I will like...

I will like the fed2002 has all the options but if you cañ´t do it just do this: create player and create team, tranfer team, and that we can use the save file that we made with fifa2002.

thanks chau good work


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I speak for a lot of people when I say, add new players and teams! It just isn't FEd without it. In a way it hinders the Editor, forcing an updater to use the Creation Center and FEd2002. Their is no use making a league if you can't make the new players to update the teams to make the leagues accurate. And adding the commentary to players without it just isn't used to its full potentional if you can't use it on new players. My favorite update would be add new players and teams mixed with the add commentary to players without it. :)


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another things..

make this chau:
put all the things that were abaliable in fed 2001 and not in fed 2002