FC Barcelona [2013-2014]

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Xaviesta;3576886 said:
That's why Cesc is a better player for Neymar and Alexis. He is more direct, Xavi and Iniesta can control the game better but they slow the game in the same time.

I am frustrated because Roberto is out of the squad every time, he will play Copa del Rey and maybe few game at end of the season.

Xavi and Iniesta should be able to alter the tempo, they're just stuck in rhythm after many years of stagnation


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It wasn't as easy as the scoreline implies ... Valdes made few world class saves before those goals for you ... I think Barta and Song were fantastic ... Neymar should be more selfish and ruthless in front of goal ... and Messi was injured yet again ... It was a very physical game ... Sergi Roberto played very little ...


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It's the same situation that happened at Rayo. The opponents have the impression they played their best game of the season, and they still lose by a big margin.

This is the most pragmatic Barcelona I've seen in the last years.


Messi 6-8 weeks out and Bartra called up for the national team. Leo misses Lorenzo Buenaventura and Dr. Paco Seirul.lo so much.


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Messi wil miss games against Granada, Ajax, Athletic, Cartagena, Celtic, Villarreal, Cartagena and Getafe.

Cesc has a knee injury, he will be out for 7 days.

Congrats Bartra!
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Bartra is our best CB atm.

Raul Albiol has been constantly called-up at the NT for the past 4 years. Why wouldn't Bartra deserve a call-up?
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