Reserve Team
Hello everybody,

As you may have noticed, I have been away for some time now, reason being that I'm getting ready for a trip.
On tuesday I will be leaving to my home country, Costa Rica. I'm letting you guys know because I doubt I will be working on anything on the upcoming months (and this will probably mean I will "retire")
I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the guys around here for the appreciation you have for my work (I assume lol:D), and also to thank the guys who put in a lot of work into this great game.
Guys whose great work really inspired me to be better (and I know this is turning into a speech kinda thing but o well...:D), like molokodrinker and all the other guys who moved on to 08 and 09. Thanks again to the guys who supported my work and all the other patch makers I don't have the time to mention (sorry about that I'm in a hurry:P)
I consider you guys friends and I will leave my email if you wanna keep in touch (which I doubt lol:P)

[email protected]

Thanks a million.

Mauricio (Bobscratchit) :tongue:


Reserve Team
Bye! Que tienes un buen viaje! (if I wrote well). We'll miss you!
Hasta la vista! Hope we'll still keep the remaining 07 community together...