fakefisher's Stadium Previews


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I am making some staff (intro/stadiumUI/stadium screnassets)for Shawminator 's FIFA 14 Stadium Server

welcome to anybody sharing his work here

as well as post some stadium preview photos or videos as material。


UEFA Euro 2016 official intro movie

Stadium Previews
the Stadium previews base on wallpaper class photos


Sporting Lissabon

Estadio da Luz-SL BENFICA

Estadio do Dragao-F.C Porto



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Dear Fakefisher,

Could you add also & the rest Stadiums' Previews/in game Photos (Overcast, Night and Sunset) please ?

Thank you in advance for your response...


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this series of stadiums UI files

only "day" use the real picture of stadiums, the other use the screenshot photo take from the game

its make by my friend @Marlon Anthony
like this


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you can use fife file explorer 2014 to import the picture.

atletico madrid stadium is in-game stadium
I don't think need to make the preview this time.


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maybe I provide the pictures instead of .big files
use fifa file explorer 2014 to import yourself.
any request better provide pictures





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lol haha you make atletico madrid stadium preview based on that link ? that link is just example...

can you find high quality picture for atletico madrid stadium preview.. (sunny & night)


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UKR -Stadion Metalist -Metalist Kharkiv Kharkov

the stadium come from EURO2012 DLC, therefore Metalist Kharkiv Kharkov(MWMid 130039) available in Moddingway Patch and playable in ECC.I try to reconvert it.

edit the container files of day, stadiums preview,fx files...etc.



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krisaju95;3722136 said:
that's a cool howard webb. where did you find that? did you make it?

B9Goal;3722148 said:
That is a nice Howard Webb. Shame he has retired though.

Fifa14 BPL Referees Patch for MWM

the face come from speak 's Fifa13 Referees Patch vol#1,I convert it.
this patch is for Moddingway Mod,if you don't install MWM, you must change the ids manually.

4 ref in BPL

500006--Mark clattenburg
500009--andre marriner
500005--Howard Webb
500007--Martin Atkinson