Youth Team
Hi all..found many good faces that you guys have always requested but have never gotten and also many good faces from alot of other sites...will be puttin faces here..if u guys r looking for any pls tell me and i will try to find them..Take Note THAT this are NOT MY FACES!

Referee pack..been seeing alot of ppl requesting for 1..havent seen any decent 1s

man city facepack

Referee patch

Man City patch:


Senior Squad
it´s strange samaras o. file looks like Luis Figo´s gago and the hair texture its the same anyway good faces.
who is the author?


Starting XI
please could you look for turkish players facepacks?, i´ve try to download them from a site called soccercenter.net but the links there were all dead


Youth Team
Yup the referee pack is by heff and the man city pack is by hi cool...both posted by users on a chinese website..and when i asked the moderator if i could release their faces he said the author's r alrite with it..for some faces the authors dont even wanna be known which is really weird


Youth Team
greate referee faces, look brill in game. But the hair texture doesn't import into the game and during game the refs head is red with green writing meaning the texture is missing but i cannot import it. How can i sove this?


Reserve Team
Which are the Full Names of the Referees and from which country they are?
I know that Collina is from Italy and his First Name is Pierre, but the other First Names and Country I don´t know
Please Help!