Really? Have you ever seen your shitty faces? Do yourself a favor and learn how to make a proper face and do not take someone else's work like you did with mine or don't do anything at all. I can't believe someone like you with no skills at all for facemaking trash talks about a much better work like LUISPB's.
Let's see, asshole, make faces, I don't believe the chingon your boyfriend lacks humility and if you don't like my faces, don't download mine, I'll give them shape and texture, stop saying shit, piece of garbage in the game, my faces if they look alike. and there are the tests


@jairo324 is he?


Youth Team

As you can see I'm creating antony from ajax, but unfortunately the hair in the game looks very dark, someone help me solve this problem please....

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did you flip the hair model in blender? if yes, then from what I have experienced the coloration of the hair becomes dark in game.

in no, try making a .lua file with the statement assignPlayerFace(playerid) in Game\data\fifarna\lua\assignments\players.


¿volteaste el modelo de cabello en la licuadora? en caso afirmativo, por lo que he experimentado, la coloración del cabello se oscurece en el juego.

En caso contrario, intente crear un archivo .lua con la instrucción AssignPlayerFace(playerid) en Game\data\fifarna\lua\assignments\players.
can you help me? I send you the files


Youth Team
inside the zip will be a folder with the lua file, if you have rev mod installed you just have to drop it in your game folder. If you are using FIP then rev mod is already installed.

also I believe you used Cibois hair model for this hair, so I included the hairlod, if you don't mind.

Should I post it directly or through private message so that you may check it?


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