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I'll convert the Faces I have created for FIFA 14 to FIFA 16, and I will eventually post them here. Especial acknowledgments to @Wall for the tutorial.


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Starting XI
Here's some helpful instructions of conversion by Figeroo

1. import the head file in the left window
2. open the player you import the headmodel at the right window
3. open on the left window a new player with spefic face
4. morphing "all", "100%" and push "confirm morphing"
5. Save files
6. go to fifa 15 folder-> heads -> and then you find the convert head model"
then you have to import that converted head model in CM16, export it via CM16 and import it to blender, in order to fix the eyes posotion

now for the hair model, you need a tool released by Ariel. If you don't have it, tell me and I'll send it to you asap. but keep in mind that the converted hair can't be edited in blender, only a little bit in Face Master