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[QUOTE = "STrent, post: 6569963, membro: 206583"] Aqui está o método que BloodRedBavarian13 me ensinou e desde então eu pude converter os rostos do FIFA 14 nos Fifa 15 e 16. Basta rolar para baixo e você encontrará as postagens dele com vídeos. [/CITAR]

Thank you very much.

richard jin

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Does anyone have a face Van Dijk without crash game ?

I was crash van dijk face too.but i solve problem with this:
Delete van dijk face,hair,hairlod,head file and regen.
Then open cm16 and apply van dijk face,hair,hairlod and head file.after apply files then regen one more time

If you followed well,it will not crash

Bad english sorry :p
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