Faces Conversion fifa 21 to fifa 15

T1 Cannaa

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dear friends, i have one question :
when i create a player in the game,how can i find a player id?
it has a software like a db master(but the software input is squad file),i lose that software and im not remember the name.is there anyone knows?
please help me..thanks
u need to check the unique player ID option when u select to make a new player it pops up or it makes an automatic ID which is usually a 5000 number hope i helped


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I share my work brother maybe it looks like he made it first
I am not here to steal other people's work or prove something
you can see the screenshot @abuu
I meant he has an improvex bersion of valverd3
Thats not how i meant it the way you understood it


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If someone has a mod like this or an update or any update that is better than the FIFA 20 version ??


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there is the 3rd facepack converted from Fifa 21
Vidal arturo
Renan Lodi



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