Faces by Jeff


hello guys it is unfortunate the administrators of this community and what a community there are many members
I know that I am not the best creator of faces and I am not the most recognized either, but that does not give anyone the right to steal your work and upload it to the server they want. I asked you to please not share my work and if you do, respect the original link and What did these administrators do? Block me so I can't see what they post. It's unfortunate because they don't spend time on anything and steal the work of others.

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yes friend I told you....
you have my full support
you are one of the best!!

Faces by Jeff

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Griezmann PES 2019 to FIFA 14

I hope it's a good idea to do this

I also have to wait for the FIFA SUPPLEMENTS Administrator the very M***** to steal it from me



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Are in your plans players from NT that play qualifiers, continental competitions and World Cup?
Like Solomon,Tomiyasu,Tomiyasu,ItoJunya,Sugawara,Furuhashi,Diatta,Chukwueze,,Vida,Visca,Drommel,Bijlow,Koopmeiners,Schaub,Skov Robert,Forrest James,Taylor Greg,Morelos,Cömert,Wober,Kumbulla,Amrabat Sofyan,Idrissi, Boga,Swiderski and others ?


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Please convert pes update


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