Faces by gostek15


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slnaing07;2913603 said:
Can you please do vermaelen?

Link: http://fifaonlinevn.com/Bai-Viet/107/%5BFace-by-vietanhltk%5D-Thomas-Vermaelen.html



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Cześć Gostek15. Mam prośbę - Gdybyś mógł to zrób twarz Ludovica Obraniaka i Damiena Perquisa. Nie wiesz może czy w jakimś patchu MPPL lub FSP 08 nie było twarzy Wojtkowiaka?? Z góry dzięki

PS Świetne twarze - szacun:)


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Good Higuain. Seems odd to see him shave, without the beard of five days that used to take, but really it's the look he had in World Cup and in recent times.

In CM and in game looks very good also. It's a great work.

Thnx for links.


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man you're great..im waiting for your next faces.i have to tell that..you rock..and you are a veryy goooood facemaker..congratulations


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hiiiiiii friend i have pic of sunil chetri (india national team, kansas city wizards)
plsss make this face for me.