Face(s) Request Thread


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My request:
Marcelo Vieira(Real Madrid)
Leandro Damião(Internacional)
Younès Kaboul(Tottenham Hotspur)
Oriol Romeu(Chelsea)
Josh McEachran(Chelsea)
Thanks for all FIFA face makers :bob:


Youth Team
Hi. I saw Paul Scholes' face at Moddingway but it doesn't look like a good rendering. Do you have anything else here? If not, if it's ok with you, can you make one? I'd also want Zidane as well, please. :) Thank you!


Youth Team
Can Someone Please Make Mohamed Zidan Face Please



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HELLO . I have accidently deleted my Messi Hair model, plz anyone provide me the models of his hair both far and regular ASAP. thankyou.


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Just change the color of hair . First go to cm 12 beta 6 open torres then on his texture pic there is button of RGB. click on it adjust the color then there is a button of save on the pic . remember save is must to gain the color .


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Can you please make

1.Oliver Kahn
2.Paolo Maldini
3.David Beckham(young and with the famous hairstyle)

If making three is too much ,pls just make Kahn for me, the German legend GK, thank you