Face(s) Request Thread


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can anyone make rooney new hair


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What about Juan Manuel Mata (Chelsea) ?

As he looks at the moment:

A better profile, but with shorter hair and less of a beard:

And Raul Meireles? He has a generic face (I think), looks nothing like in reality:



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I am Real Madrid Fan, So The Main Faces to be Created for me will be Angel Di Maria, Nuri Sahin, Fabio Concentrao, and Raul Albiol.

So Please If you Could Make them It would mean alot of pleasure ingame :) Thanks.


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To all facemakers

Hi to all facemakers of this great forum,i bring one bad news my friends,i investigate all data 3.big,and this year i think not possible to add Tattoo's at players,the texture of harms not appear one to one,only generic for all players,and i question they,it possible other way to add tattoo's?and in other fifa's appear arms textures player on player? thanks at all masters,i wait your answer!!

Saludos desde españa!!

(españoles de este foro espero vuestro mensaje con vuestro correo para ke nos unamos los editores españoles y ayudemos a esta gran comunidad,españoles o de habla hispana,agrenme tengo grandes planes de edicion!!


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hi... t0 all facemakers... please make lucas piazon face... please...
i got a big pic but i don't know if this pic is good quality?! but please...
if you do it you will be my hero...


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coxlenox;3159499 said:
marco reus, good ideia!
absolutely, he is once of the wonder kid right now,,
but it seems nobody gonna make it..:-(
i saw in pesedit their modder has already make it..