FA Premier League Manager 2000


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I know it's a long shot, and apologies if I'm posting this in completely the wrong place, but does anyone remember this game?

It was made by EA Sports, had a 3d match engine, and allowed you to invest in pitch improvements, stadium upgrades etc, as well as the normal matches and transfers...

Thing is, I remember loads of glitches and bugs, for instance after first season, any newly created players wouldn't transfer properly... So while I'm looking to go back and play it again, such was my enjoyment in spite of the problems, I was also hoping that there's some sort of patch / info available on any of the bugs in the game...

Google produces very little in the way of info, so I'm putting my faith in the hardcore manager gaming community, that someone might remember back that far! :)

I've found a patch here: http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/patches/thefapremierleaguefootballmanager2000/patch.html but there's absolutely nothing (even inside the zip) on what it actually updates / fixes!

I'd be immensely grateful if anyone would share whatever info they remember...