Euro 2004 kits


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Group A

Greece (Adidas)
Portugal (Nike)
Russia (Adidas)
Spain (Adidas)

Group B

Croatia (Nike)
England (Umbro)
France (Adidas)
Switzerland (Puma)

Group C

Bulgaria (Puma)
Denmark (Hummel)
Italy (Puma)
Sweden (Umbro)

Group D

Czech Republic (Puma)
Germany (Adidas)
Latvia (Puma)
Holland (Nike)

Kits currently available...

England - Home

Spain - Home

France - Away

Germany - Away

Italy - Home

Italy - Away

Sweden - Home

Sweden - Away

Denmark - Home

Denmark - Away


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you look at all these decent kits....... then you look at the England one......... :rolleyes: (N) :nape: :S


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From all the kits I've seen so far only the Holland one looks really good, hopefully Portugal and Russia will follow the same design. The Italy Puma one looks smart with the neck but doesn't look great for casual wear. As for Adidas, their kits are bloody awful, too shiny and poorly fitting. I much prefer the 70's kits with the mini sleeves and to be honest I can get t-shirts for £5 from Burtons that look smarter than those Adidas efforts.


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i like them all except croatia and england, and i dont like the shiny parts on the adidas ones...the new dutch one is really nice(H)


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Like I said, all the Adidas ones look bad this year compared to the Nike ones which is a complate turn around from 2002.


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Originally posted by NickSCFC
The Italy Puma one looks smart with the neck but doesn't look great for casual wear.

the Italy puma looks great for "casual wear", i have them both and are magnificent.
but those arent the ones that italy will use in the euro, puma will show the new ones in march i believe.
and italian directives said that are way better than the present ones


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"13/01/2004. Sarà presentata ufficialmente in marzo, in un'amichevole di preparazione ai prossimi campionati europei, la nuova maglia della nazionale Italiana di calcio che sarà disegnata per Puma dallo stilista inglese Neil Barrett, già firma di Gucci e Prada."

thats from an old article in soccerage, but i also saw that news on other sites, basically says that the new italy puma jersey will be presented on march and that it was designed by Neil Barrett, already a designer for Gucci and Prada :)


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its been out for a year ;)
it was last february that came out, but anyways, its tradition to make a new kit for a new competition.
they changed to puma last year because the kappa contract expired


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Everyone on this forum has a much different taste to me, i like the France Away and Germany Away, although i would never buy a Germany shirt :p