ESPN Champions League Crap AGAIN!


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What is ESPN thinking again? They are showing 3 Real Madrid games in a row. There are much better games being played the same matchday. For example, Bayern is playing Juventus and Barca is playing against Milan while Inter is taking on Valencia.

Does ESPN think that Real is the only good/popular team or what? I really am getting sick of whatching Madrid and their shiat team.

Anyways, Real Madrid vs. Dynamo will be this matchday's game shown on ESPN 2. :rolleyes:



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Thank god i've got ESPN, ESPN Brasil and Rede TV here in Brazil. 2 or 3 different games to choose (sometimes Rede TV picks the same game that ESPN/ESPN Brasil). Anyway, write them a mail or something.

Even though they picked Madrid again, by no means this match is ****. Should be a very good one. But i reckon there are better stuff.


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I agree. They are dumbasses. I must admit though, Real-Romo was good. Real-Dynamo is not interesting, I'd MUCH prefer to see AC Milan beat Barcelona. The other games you mentioned look good as well.

:kader: ESPN


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Real's game is solid as well but not as good as the other ones I'd say. I wouldn't mind if this was the first or second Real game being shown, but it's the 3rd in a row for ****in sake. Give us something different you idiots! :rolleyes:


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Yep, like i said. I'm 100% sure that they will send you a default reply, probably something along the lines of "copy/paste" aswell. But well mate, you could try.


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One reason. David Beckham. ESPN thinks that Beckham is the only player that can attract a good American rating. Just look at their highlights if there are any on SC. Most soccer highlights involve Beckham.


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Originally posted by Grunger
Yep, like i said. I'm 100% sure that they will send you a default reply, probably something along the lines of "copy/paste" aswell. But well mate, you could try.

I've had that experience with the copy/paste. :(

Anyway, I live in Canada so I don't have the ESPN problem. :p


I agree with you Run they really wouldn't give a rats ass so there's no point, they are a bunch of idiots :kader:


Dont worry Adi, you can come to my house on CL days where we get 5 games a week. We'll have popcorn and sodapop, and paint the town :D


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The only way to pressure ESPN is by doing the following:

1) Contact the biggest advertisers, the ones that week after week put their commericals during soccer games
2) Contact ESPN (by phone preferably) and let them know that you talked to their advertisers
3) If possible, contact local advertisers; they'll get scared first. Ask for the sales manager, anyone else will give a rat's ass.

Hope that helps and let me know. I'll try and look for some phone numbers.


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Get me some numbers to call. People say I'm great at making a scene. (H)

Is it because I'm so insecure about myself? :(

Anyway let's show them hell guys. We shall bury them.


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With all that baseball crap going on they prob. wont give 2 sh#ts what game they show us.

And I love that World Series of Poker. ACTION PACKED to the end. I should do commentating for that nice placement of cards.